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A Very Special Message From Our New Artistic Director

A Very Special Message From Our New Artistic Director

Dear Family,

As we celebrate this holiday season and wind down the final days of 2009 I want to take this time to say thank you for supporting Coyote REP these past four years. It is also my pleasure to let you in on some of the exciting changes we have made and give you some insights into our upcoming season!

LaSala has served as Artistic Director of Coyote REP from its inception. In fact the meetings that took place in her 5th floor walk up apartment almost five years ago are what inspired the creation of our company. She has stood at the helm of Coyote REP's multiple sound plays and stage productions and she has coordinated each of our Rising Moon Galas/Fundraisers. I truly respect her standard of excellence and hard work and this is why I was so humbled when she, with the support of the company, nominated me as her successor. I am also happy to announce that Jeanne will continue on as our Executive Director and we will work together to make sure that you get the most out of your theatregoing experience. As CR's newest Artistic Director I hope to both continue and expand upon what Jeanne and our founding members envisioned just a short time ago. I believe that our 2010 season and our long-term list of initiatives do just that.

Coyote REP has sharpened its mission statement in order to emphasize our goal of developing striking and provocative theater for both our stage and online productions. In May 2010 we will present our first ever Works-in-Progress Series. This series will showcase new works by our member playwrights in a collection of readings and bare bones staged productions. We invite you to become a part of the development process by witnessing these innovative new works as they are being shaped by our company.

One piece that has benefited greatly from your feedback is our most current work in development, The New Normal. Coming on the heels of our successful Fall Rising Moon Fundraiser, we are continuing the development of The New Normal for an October 2010 run
. The New Normal is a passionate, realistic and often humorous look into the world of young breast cancer survivors. The play is based on the experiences of survivor Anna Warren Schumacher as detailed on her online blog. Coyote REP was honored to share a portion of the fundraiser's donations with the Young Survivor Coalition. A rough presentation of the piece, coupled with inspirational stories shared by members of the YSC at this very special event, inspired a second draft.

In addition to our readings and stage productions, we are hard at work finding the next set of extraordinary sound plays to produce. We are seeking new plays from within our ranks and through direct submissions from playwrights across the nation in order to add to the exciting productions that are still available on iTunes.

Coyote REP recognizes our role as a part of the greater New York City theater community and we understand that it is only with a tremendous amount of support that we have come as far as we have. This is why we are laying the foundation for new educational and outreach programs. Coyote REP has the power to give the gift of theater to patrons who may be shut-in or to those who are sight-impaired. It is our goal to use our innovative forms of theater to better serve these communities.
 We are also interested in sharing our knowledge and skill with others and will begin offering performance-based courses for adults and children in the coming months.

I am so very excited about the strides we are making, not only for our upcoming season but for the extended future. Several of our members have come forward to help our Founders' vision come to fruition. Please check out our website and see just how our company has grown! Our company is revitalized, reorganized and ready to meet the adventures that lie ahead. We thank you so much for your support and ask you to continue to come along with us for the ride!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Lavinia Grays
Artistic Director
Coyote REP Theatre Company

2010 Running Season Schedule
Visit for more on our 2010 season!

May 2010:

JULY 2010:
The Fourth Annual Coyote REP Play Circle

Our Annual Rising Moon Gala and Fundraiser

The New Normal

Coyote REP Sound Plays available now for podcasting online
DECEPTION, by Jeremy Dobrish, directed by Glenn Kalison

GIRL, by Megan Mostyn-Brown, directed by Josh Hecht

THE BOY AT THE WINDOW, by Douglas Braverman, directed by Olivia Mora and Teresa K. Pond

PATRIOT ACT (AN OCCURENCE AT YANKEE STADIUM), by Robert Emmet Lunney, directed by Richard Romagnoli

COYOTE RISING by Tira Palmquist, directed by Jeanne LaSala

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