Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coyote REP Theatre Company's Lone Wolf Series

The Lone Wolf Series: Our 2008 Production for the Stage

We cordially invite you to attend the Lone Wolf Series, our repertory stage production of one-woman shows offering unique takes on Coyote REP's season theme of "Isolation." The series features original works by (clockwise from top left) Donnetta Lavinia Grays, Heidi Tokheim, Andrea Caban and Jeanne LaSala. Each performance will showcase two of the four pieces running in repertory for two weeks.

Tickets are $18 for all performances and are available through Brown Paper Tickets at the following link:

The Lone Wolf Series
May 15-25, 2008
The June Havoc Theater
Abingdon Theater Arts Complex
312 West 36th Street (Just west of 8th Avenue)
New York City

One of our company missions is to support and foster work from within our ranks. Among our membership, we possess not only accomplished performers, directors, and designers, but stellar writers as well. We were determined to spend the 2008 season showcasing our versatility. Accordingly, we put out a submissions call to all Coyotes far and wide in search of solo performance pieces. Ultimately, we selected four as especially emblematic of the collective identity of our company; each show is personal, moving, a little quirky, and represents a brave step toward the theatrically new and unexpected.

This season's theme, "Isolation," serves as a counterpoint to our first season's theme, "Community." 2008 seemed a worthwhile time to focus on the resilience of the individual and how our inward explorations and unique opinions can serve our interactions as a society.


In the cowboy is dying, Donnetta Lavinia Grays fuses storytelling and original music in a semi-autobiographical tale of self-discovery. Grays' piece is a comedic look at God, romance, and the wondrous limitations of childhood expectations.

STELLA BY STARLIGHT, by Heidi Tokheim, follows the journey of Stella, an aspiring jazz piano player who is female, white, and unemployed. One fateful night, she meets Herbie Hancock, who teaches her how to swing ... and that changes everything.

Through movement and text SPOILED BEA, by Jeanne LaSala, deals with isolation as it forces its way into the life of a dancer who, due to a tragic accident, is no longer able to communicate with the outside world. Rather than succumbing to the horror of her situation, Beatrice finds humorous, poignant and creative ways to connect with the characters that populate her new world and to access the freedom and beauty that dance inside of her.

And ANDREA CABAN's untitled theater piece mixes anthropology and psychotherapy. She investigates the gaps between isolation and connection through interviews with ten New Yorkers and her father.

Photos by Deidre Schoo

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